Monday, September 28, 2009

Rune Finder Podcast

The Rune Finder Podcast will be coming soon. In my continual efforts to "Stick it to the Man" I have decided to do a completely FREE audio download of my entire rough draft book.

Beginning in the next few weeks each chapter of The Rune Finder will be read by the author and posted for free MP3 dowload all over the world. Why am I doing this? Because I want to break through the limitations of a restricted publishing system and give the world an entertaining story free of charge.

Most authors cling to their work as though it where an only child. I would much rather kick down the doors and open up new opportunities.

Here is the goal: Give away 500,000 free audio books or more. Have editors, agents, publishers, and movie makers contacting me to negotiate future projects. Never make a penny off of the rough draft audio versions of the book - only gain support by allowing people to support my efforts when they want to.

Here is why it will be worth it to me:
1) You can donate to support my efforts by clicking a link on the website to send me a small "Atta boy".
2) You can buy merchandise such as shirts, hats, and others as they become available.
3) You can spread The Rune Finder unedited audio book like a viral plague to everyone you know - eventually creating a massive following and fan base that demands a movie, sequel, and a finished version of the book.
4) You can participate in the facebook group, forums, and other social media associated with the book to show support.
5) It will ultimately create tremendous opportunities and future projects.

Check back soon for the first FREE Podcast available for download on this site and iTunes.