Monday, June 29, 2009

The Seven Center Towers

I found this old video that takes a glimpse into Detroit's past. When they were building the towers it was viewed as a rebirth for the city. Investors could see the geographic potential of where Detroit is located. To be honest the location of Detroit, with Canada across the river, is a big reason why I chose to have my book take place there. From a tactical perspective the city would be amazing. In my book we have the Orc Clan on Zug Island. The Elves are running the downtown area and control all the money. The Dwarf colony is living underground with their headquarters on Belle Island. Humans are everywhere in the middle of that.
In The Rune Finder the towers are called the Seven Center Towers because two new towers have been erected.
Check out the video and enjoy the Wakka Chu Wakka of the 70's music.

Monday, June 22, 2009


The characters of The Rune Finder encounter a group known as Wavers during their journey. They are an underground religious group who believe they have uncovered the source of true spiritual connection with the universe.

The fundamental belief system revolves around the wavelengths or frequencies that surround us all. By uploading the conscious mind into the Connex system they enter a separate realm of existence that operates on a different oscillation than the physical world.

One of the Wavers discovered a way to break through the limitations of the Connex and discovered a world of pure energy and light. Because of this discovery he is known as the Conductor.

The Conductor believes that if a person loads their consciousness into the Connex and then break out through the barriers of that world - they can learn to transcend space and time.

Are the Wavers a group of good guys or do they have evil plans to bring down civilization as we know it? Read the book to find out . . .

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Character Profile - Gelmir

Gelmir was raised on a simple farm nestled next to the Huron Forest. His pleasant youth was tragically disrupted when his Elf family was slaughtered by a group of Orc. He was rescued by a prominent Elf named Rumil.

As Rumil climbed into political power in the city of Detroit, Gelmir rose with him. He was trained in all the tactical methods of urban combat. A few high end bio-upgrades were installed in his body to give him an edge. He can leap across fifty foot gaps and see through walls using advanced visual systems.

Gelmir prefers to work alone as he stalks his target. Using stealth and strategy he often infiltrates the Orc headquarters located on Zug Island. He often struggles with the life he has been forced into and longs to escape the filth of the city. The recent discovery of the runes of power causes him to question what is right and what it wrong.

Is Gelmir fighting for the right side, or does his heart truly dwell in darkness?
You'll have to read the book to find out . . .

Monday, June 15, 2009

Character Profile - Trassig

Trassig is a dwarf who has worked in the underground of Detroit his entire life. His reckless attitude propelled him to the top of the dwarf society. Living underground in tunnels and caves has developed his attitude to the point where death is not something to be feared.
With a fighting spirit brewing within, Trassig looks for opportunities to go above ground and explore. He has a detailed knowledge of the city above and below ground. Trassig is in top physical condition for his size. He does not have any bio-upgrades installed, but instead prefers to use his instincts to stay alive.
Trassig likes to carry weapons that have been crafted by his people underground. He is a skilled shot with a pistol, but prefers the excitement of a good explosion. From neuro-grenades to choking smoke bombs, Trassig loves how explosives can bring equality to any fight.
Throughout The Rune Finder book Trassig follows our hero. Saving Logan in the city sewers is only the beginning to a mysterious and plot twisting relationship. Nobody is clear what Trassig's motives are, but when danger comes they are all glad to have him around.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Character Profile - Shiv

Abandoned by his horrified parents as a young boy, Shiv survived by scouring the back alleys for food. He spent most of his childhood wondering why he was different from others. It wasn't until one night when he was rescued by members of the orc clan that he realized he wasn't alone.

At just under seven feet tall he is considered a runt by his peers. Living within the clan means you are either rising to the top or being cast aside. The pressures of the clan culture drives Shiv to seek out other means of gaining an advantage. He goes through the horrifying experience of having bio-upgrades installed into his flesh.

Shiv has bio-actuators in both legs that allow him to jump across fifty foot gaps. He has an suprarenal stimulator next to his adrenaline gland. If he is injured in a battle the stimulator floods his body with excessive amounts of adrenaline to keep him alive. His deadliest weapon is how he earned his name. A long blade that springs out from his forearm.

Rising to the top of the orc clan he answers only to the head Boss. Through several deadly encounters, he leads an orc army in an assault on the city of Detroit. Does Shiv live or die? Will his army conquer the city or leave him in ruin?

Again, you'll have to get a copy of the book to find out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Character Profile - Logan Braddock

Logan Braddock is the hero of our story. With just over 20 years of service on the Detroit Police force he has seen everything there is to see, at least he thinks. He works the graveyard shift in his armored squad car, form fitting body armor, and urban camo.

Logan has street smarts beyond his years. His weapon of choice is the tactical shotgun, but he will use any weapon he can get his hands on. He is highly favored as an excellent cop among the other officers. With a reputation for taking down criminal Orc's without assistance he has earned his respect.

He is married to Emma Braddock and has two sons, the youngest named David. The older son Sean died tragically by taking his own life. Logan struggles not to feel guilty about Sean's death. He looks forward to a promotion where he can work normal hours behind a desk.

Throughout the book Logan faces some of the most tremendous obstacles one could ever overcome. He is a man on the run, trying to save his family and reputation from the wicked hands of a slanderous Elf named Rumil. During his encounters our hero obtains some of the ancient Runes of Power. Logan Braddock is the Rune Finder.

Not knowing how the magic stones work, he struggles to survive as he infiltrates his way through the most dangerous circumstances. Does Logan save his family in time?

. . . you'll have to buy the book once it's released.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Welcome to the Rune Finder blog

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The Rune Finder is an action packed thrill ride of a book. Follow the main character Logan as he battles through the dangerous Detroit City future. The year is 2056 and mutations plague the city streets across the globe. High tech weapons, unpredictable plot twists, and amazing characters bring the story to life. You've never experienced anything quite like this.