Thursday, June 11, 2009

Character Profile - Shiv

Abandoned by his horrified parents as a young boy, Shiv survived by scouring the back alleys for food. He spent most of his childhood wondering why he was different from others. It wasn't until one night when he was rescued by members of the orc clan that he realized he wasn't alone.

At just under seven feet tall he is considered a runt by his peers. Living within the clan means you are either rising to the top or being cast aside. The pressures of the clan culture drives Shiv to seek out other means of gaining an advantage. He goes through the horrifying experience of having bio-upgrades installed into his flesh.

Shiv has bio-actuators in both legs that allow him to jump across fifty foot gaps. He has an suprarenal stimulator next to his adrenaline gland. If he is injured in a battle the stimulator floods his body with excessive amounts of adrenaline to keep him alive. His deadliest weapon is how he earned his name. A long blade that springs out from his forearm.

Rising to the top of the orc clan he answers only to the head Boss. Through several deadly encounters, he leads an orc army in an assault on the city of Detroit. Does Shiv live or die? Will his army conquer the city or leave him in ruin?

Again, you'll have to get a copy of the book to find out.


  1. I like the tie-in from the weapon to the name!

  2. This was me on your facebook quiz...heck yeah! sweet charactor!