Monday, June 29, 2009

The Seven Center Towers

I found this old video that takes a glimpse into Detroit's past. When they were building the towers it was viewed as a rebirth for the city. Investors could see the geographic potential of where Detroit is located. To be honest the location of Detroit, with Canada across the river, is a big reason why I chose to have my book take place there. From a tactical perspective the city would be amazing. In my book we have the Orc Clan on Zug Island. The Elves are running the downtown area and control all the money. The Dwarf colony is living underground with their headquarters on Belle Island. Humans are everywhere in the middle of that.
In The Rune Finder the towers are called the Seven Center Towers because two new towers have been erected.
Check out the video and enjoy the Wakka Chu Wakka of the 70's music.

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