Monday, June 15, 2009

Character Profile - Trassig

Trassig is a dwarf who has worked in the underground of Detroit his entire life. His reckless attitude propelled him to the top of the dwarf society. Living underground in tunnels and caves has developed his attitude to the point where death is not something to be feared.
With a fighting spirit brewing within, Trassig looks for opportunities to go above ground and explore. He has a detailed knowledge of the city above and below ground. Trassig is in top physical condition for his size. He does not have any bio-upgrades installed, but instead prefers to use his instincts to stay alive.
Trassig likes to carry weapons that have been crafted by his people underground. He is a skilled shot with a pistol, but prefers the excitement of a good explosion. From neuro-grenades to choking smoke bombs, Trassig loves how explosives can bring equality to any fight.
Throughout The Rune Finder book Trassig follows our hero. Saving Logan in the city sewers is only the beginning to a mysterious and plot twisting relationship. Nobody is clear what Trassig's motives are, but when danger comes they are all glad to have him around.

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