Monday, June 22, 2009


The characters of The Rune Finder encounter a group known as Wavers during their journey. They are an underground religious group who believe they have uncovered the source of true spiritual connection with the universe.

The fundamental belief system revolves around the wavelengths or frequencies that surround us all. By uploading the conscious mind into the Connex system they enter a separate realm of existence that operates on a different oscillation than the physical world.

One of the Wavers discovered a way to break through the limitations of the Connex and discovered a world of pure energy and light. Because of this discovery he is known as the Conductor.

The Conductor believes that if a person loads their consciousness into the Connex and then break out through the barriers of that world - they can learn to transcend space and time.

Are the Wavers a group of good guys or do they have evil plans to bring down civilization as we know it? Read the book to find out . . .


  1. You keep getting the pictures just as I imagined them to be. Great job!

  2. Looks interesting! When will it come out?

  3. It is going through a detailed editing process right now. Then I have to get an agent who will then work toward publishing. If it doesn't pan out before the end of this year I might pursue self publishing.