Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Character Profile - Logan Braddock

Logan Braddock is the hero of our story. With just over 20 years of service on the Detroit Police force he has seen everything there is to see, at least he thinks. He works the graveyard shift in his armored squad car, form fitting body armor, and urban camo.

Logan has street smarts beyond his years. His weapon of choice is the tactical shotgun, but he will use any weapon he can get his hands on. He is highly favored as an excellent cop among the other officers. With a reputation for taking down criminal Orc's without assistance he has earned his respect.

He is married to Emma Braddock and has two sons, the youngest named David. The older son Sean died tragically by taking his own life. Logan struggles not to feel guilty about Sean's death. He looks forward to a promotion where he can work normal hours behind a desk.

Throughout the book Logan faces some of the most tremendous obstacles one could ever overcome. He is a man on the run, trying to save his family and reputation from the wicked hands of a slanderous Elf named Rumil. During his encounters our hero obtains some of the ancient Runes of Power. Logan Braddock is the Rune Finder.

Not knowing how the magic stones work, he struggles to survive as he infiltrates his way through the most dangerous circumstances. Does Logan save his family in time?

. . . you'll have to buy the book once it's released.


  1. I thought Logan's youngest son was named David?? The blog looks great Carl.

  2. It sure is! A little slip there but I've fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out. I know the book was pretty violent for your taste, but thanks for reading it. I'm going through the first major edit right now and it will be a lot better soon.