Saturday, December 19, 2009

Book Cover

A few days ago I got a random phone call from a friend I haven't seen in a few years. Aros Mackey just happened to be brainstorming ideas for a final project in his visual media class.

I agreed to let him experiment and have full freedom to create whatever he wanted as a book cover for The Rune Finder. What you see above far exceeded my expectations.

Think you can do better? Send your book cover idea, fan art, or other creative media to


  1. I love it! Perfect for the book! Wish it was all published!

  2. Hey, Carl! Glad to find another writer in the family. You don't know me, but I am your dad's cousin, Joyce. I think your book looks terrific! No kidding!

    We all grew up together out on the desert--dinners at one house or the other every Sunday, thru High School. Then we all sort of went different directions and never saw one another again (except for the ocassional funeral). It feels so GOOD to be in touch with this part of the family again.

    I wish you well with your book. I have a book coming out later this year from a small publisher in London--we're making a dvd of it for YouTube that should be a lot of fun. It's called Pepek the Assassin (a book of poetry about a fictional Czech uncle, narrated by his nephew. I think it's my best stuff. I'm proud of it).

    My first book, a sort of biographical novel, won a $5,000 publication grant from the Utah Arts Council and was nominated for the American Book Award the year John Updyke won for Rabbit Is Rich. Impossible competition, but that was a long time ago (1980, I think).

    Anyway, I am glad to know you! I'd like to add you to my FB family, along with your mom, and Delsa, and whoever else I can find! :D

  3. Oh--one more thing. I have a book of sf short stories written in a class I had from Orson Scott Card. (He read the galleys for my novel and wrote a blurb for the back cover). I gathered up the three of them into a collection called TRIPTYCH and dedicated it to him.

    LOVE science fiction, but haven't read much fantasy.